Kufstein Tyrol, Austria (WIBX) - A German couple has a fish story they are not too happy to share.

Alexander Donninger and his wife Stefanie were fishing with their 7-year old twins Enya and Arthur when Alexander, who has said that he is not good at catching fish, secretly attached two frozen, ready to cook trout to the lines to pretend that they had caught fish.

Another man, fishing nearby, called police and reported that the Donninger family was fishing illegally.  Donninger claims that the man who reported them had been talking with the parents earlier and knew that the fish were frozen, and that they were trying to have fun with the children.

Nonetheless Kufstein police say that Donninger cannot prove that the fish were frozen and either way it is indeed illegal to have a rod in the water without a license.  If convicted, Donninger faces up to six months in jail.