Angelina Love from the WWE is coming to The Guy's Expo on Saturday, September 16th at the F.X. Matt Brewery. There will be a ton of activities and demonstrations, but Angelina is eager and excited to meet her fans from Central New York.

Love's interest in wrestling began at an early age. She says her and her sister were always 'tom-boyish' and loved sports. "For me I've always loved sports, I've always has that entertainment bone in my body. The first time I saw wrestling on TV I was just mesmerized by it."

Love recently became a mother. Her son will be 18 months the day after The Guy's Expo and she even brings him with her to work. "He's just the love of my life. He's so fun! He's such a little blessing. Her husband is also a professional wrestler and traveling with him in the past was as she puts it, "Cool."

When it comes to meeting her fans, Love loves it! "I'm always excited to meet wrestling fans. I love the support too, I mean we wouldn't have careers without their support."

You can meet Angelina Love this Saturday, September 16th at The Guy's Expo at The F.X. Matt Brewery. The fun goes from Noon - 5 p.m.

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