A good Samaritan is a hero after saving a puppy left tied to a grocery cart submerged in water.

Dennis Bingham found the pup next to the Cayudetta Creek in Fulton, New York on Sunday, October 10. "This was a sad day for me," he shared on Facebook. "I heard him screeching, shaking and scared tied to a grocery cart next to the Cayudetta Creek. After looking around for anyone in the area, I finally called the Police."

"He was a scared little boy, calling for help," said Dennis. "Once the police officer arrived I finally gained enough trust from him to get him untied."

The puppy is now with the Fulton County Regional SPCA who is asking anyone with information on the owner to come forward and speak out. "It's now time for us to come together and do what's right," the Fulton County Regional SPCA wrote.

Cheyenne Baird spoke out, saying the puppy belongs to her. "I went out of town so I had my boyfriend's mom watch my dog," she said on Facebook. "Her son took him on a walk and leaned down to tie his shoe and the dog took off."

Baird says several people were looking for the dog for several hours.

"I called the shelter and the cops as soon as I found out. We do not know what actually happened. I don’t care how anyone feels about me nor do I care what any of you think about me. Yes I will be getting my dog back because this wasn’t my fault and no I don’t know if charges are being pressed. To the scumbag that did this, I can’t wait for you to go to jail because if police don’t press charges I am."

The Gloversville Police Department is investigating. If you have any information, you're asked to call 518-736-2100.

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