A heartbroken son is searching for his late mother's special planter that mistakenly got sold at an estate sale. Can you help bring it back home where it belongs?

An estate sale was recently held at Mark Anken's parent's house on Turin Road in Rome New York. A planter with special meaning was inadvertently sold and Mark is hoping to get it back.

Credit - Mark Anken via Facebook
Credit - Mark Anken via Facebook

Late Mom's Favorite Planter

The planter belonged to Mark's mother. "It was my mom's favorite planter," he shared. "She loved to plant different plants and flowers in it every year and when she became ill and unable to do it anymore I took over the planting and have continued to do it after her passing."

Keeping the planting going is Mark's way of not only keeping his mother's spirit alive but his father's too. "My father would always help her. He passed in January of this year exactly 1 year to the day of my mother."

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Mark turned to social media in hopes of finding his mother's special planter. "Maybe the person who bought it will return it to our family."

Credit - Mark Anken via Facebook
Credit - Mark Anken via Facebook

"My husband has a broken heart," Mark's wife Cheryl shared.

If you bought the planter at the estate sale in Rome or know who did, you can reach out to Mark on Facebook or his wife Cheryl to get it back home where it belongs.

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