Located on McCarthy Avenue in Albany, the officials at the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Albany field office have come across a number of individuals with checkered pasts.

Some of them have been apprehended, while others, however, are still at-large, and are the subjects of on-going investigations in the Capital Region.

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On the FBI's official website, located within the Albany Field Office's webpage, there is a list of people who are currently considered "wanted" by the Capital Region's FBI representatives.

Now, the term "wanted" can take a number of different definitions in this situation. Of course, a person can be wanted for a crime they committed, and would be apprehended if found at any point. Others, however, are considered to be missing persons, and are "wanted" by family and friends from whom they have been missing.

Either way, the stories surrounding the individuals below can be a bit rough, so please, read at your own risk. With that being said, here are the seven people who are wanted by the FBI's Albany Field Office, and the reason behind each of them ending up here.

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