Today is National Cheeseburger Day and numerous fast food joints are offering mouthwatering deals that will tantalize your taste buds... and your wallet.

Places like Wendy's, McDonalds, Burger King and more are celebrating this tremendous national holiday the best way possible.

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Here's where to score the best deals in Central New York.


Wendy's is selling their Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers for a bargain price - 1 cent. Yes, you heard right. You can get one whole cheeseburger for the low, low price of a penny.

But there is a catch... because there always is. You must purchase another item from their menu through the Wendy's app in order to secure the deal.

So, while you try to find a penny, think about what delicious menu item that'll pair perfectly with your Junior Bacon Cheeseburger.

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A frosty, maybe? What about some fries? Oh! A hot potato? No matter what you choose, it's sure to taste delicious with such an amazingly cheap burger.

The sale starts today and runs to September 22nd.

To find your nearest Wendy's, click HERE.


Mickey Dees slashed the price of its Double Cheeseburger for National Cheeseburger Day.  For today only, the fast food titan is selling it for just 50 cents.




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True, there is a catch. You can't roll up to the drive thru to take advantage of this deal. You must purchase it through the McDonald's mobile app.

Also, you can't buy multiple burgers. The deal is limited to one per customer.

To find the McDonald's nearest you, click HERE.

Burger King

While you thought Wendy's was selling cheeseburgers for the best possible price - wait until you hear Burger King's offer.

If you are a member of its Royal Perks rewards program, they'll just give you a cheeseburger free of charge.

The only catch? You have to buy something else from their menu for $1 or more in order to bite into a free burger.

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To find your nearest Burger King, click HERE.

White Castle

If you happen to live close to one of these restaurants, they're offering buy-one-get-one cheese sliders. In order to secure this deal, you must download a valid coupon from the White Castle website.




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The deal runs through September 20, which is perfect for those who can't make the drive today.

To find your closest White Castle, click HERE.

Wayback Burgers

This chain is also offering a buy-one-get-one deal on its "Classic" Cheeseburger, which is their fancy term for a double cheeseburger.

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Unlike other chains, anyone can take advantage of the deal.

So feel free to order through the app, in person, or online. For the latter, you must use the code BOGOCLASS to get the offer.

To find the chain closest to you, click HERE.


Customers can chow down on their signature double-cheeseburger for $3... if they purchase a  “Freestyle Beverage" at the same time.




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The deal is in-house only, so you have to make time to sit down and enjoy your lunch there. You also have to tell the person working the register you are taking advantage of their National Cheeseburger Day deal in order to score the $3 meal.

To find the chain nearest you, click HERE.

Where are you going to celebrate?

Chances are, you can do a whole cheeseburger tour right here in New York!

No matter how you choose to consume your burgers, be sure to take a moment and honor the late Jimmy Buffett, who released the best possible song to honor this hallowed day.

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