Disney is known for their catchy songs, and any Disney fan worth their salt will instantly recognize the first few lines of 'Honor to Us All' from 'Mulan.' Now, Not Literally Productions has taken this classic song and mixed it up with 'The Hunger Games.'

The clever video shows Katniss singing about how the only way she can honor her family and her home of District 12 is by becoming the victor while her prep team implores her to "serve the Capitol by bearing arms" as they give her a Disney-esque make-over.

Fans of both the 'Hunger Games' books and the movies will also enjoy the quick scene of Cinna giving Katniss her famous Mockingjay pin as he (literally) sings her praises. If you can't wait for 'Catching Fire' or just want to watch a funny video to brighten your day, Not Literally Productions will have you laughing with their awesome mash-up.