Friday, November 13th, 2015

6 AM Hour

Hostage situation in Mali. Plus, Donald Trump's comment on registering all Muslims

- More discussion on Syrian refugees coming to America

Religious influence on extremists

FREE Money Question and Willie Waffle on the new Hunger Games, Spotlight and Secret In Their Eyes

7 AM Hour

Callers weigh in on refugees

Brandon Lang's Week 11 picks

Frank Vernuccio. Is the Presidential Race changing course?

Phones line fill up with more callers on refugees to the US

More opinions on proper screening of refugees and another FREE Money Question

8 AM Hour

The Keeler in the Morning Toy Drive collection kicks into high gear. Plus, the Utica Rescue Mission is in need of turkeys for Thanksgiving

Thad Mills is a Do It Yourself Expert. Preparing for winter...

Jared Fogle is sentenced to 15 years. An 'expert' testifies that his dramatic weight loss may have influenced his criminal sexual behavior.

We end the day with some final thoughts from our listeners about the refugee situation

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