Instead of working out their marital differences with a therapist, one couple has decided to take their problems to the people.

Ivan Lewis is so desperate to win back his wife, Sonya Gore, he’s posted a photo of himself on Facebook admitting her cheated, along with a message that reads, "Sonya Gore said I got to get 10,000 [likes] before she take me back."

Okay, here’s the story: Lewis got caught by Gore cheating with another woman. He has a history of fooling around and the couple, which tied the knot in 2010, has been estranged since 2011.

Hopefully, Lewis is done sowing his wild oats because he's quickly racked up more than 6,200 likes and things are looking up because Gore herself chimed in with her thoughts in the comments, writing, “It takes a man to do what he has done he gotta here all the jokes from his so called friends an family an he set that a side to prove his love for me what girl would not want that?”

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