Former Mr. Everything - governor, action star, Mr. Olympia, Mr. Universe, and author - Arnold Schwarzenegger says there's 'nothing to worry about' after some 'idiot' launched a sneak attack while attending a children's competition on Saturday.

Video of the incident shows The Governator filming a girl as she jumps rope at an event that bears his name, according to

Schwarzenegger was attending the fourth annual Arnold Classic Africacompetition, a complete multi-sport programme involving more than 70 sporting disciplines, exhibitions and championships.

The veteran actor was being filmed while he was filming children competing in a skipping contest when a man tried to approach him from behind.

About 29 seconds into the video, you see a man approaching the 71-year-old  Schwarzenegger when he seems to be stopped or turned away. Then at about 58 seconds, it appears that same man returns and launches a running, pro-wrasslin'-style dropkick.

#Aahnold took to twitter not long after saying he thought had simply been 'jostled by the crowd', and hadn't realized he'd been kicked until he saw the video. He also said he was ''..Just glad that idiot didn't interrupt my Snapchat.''

A video on his @Swarzenegger twitter page has a reverse angle of the incident that shows The Governator is still a very, very large man, and strong, who was completely unphased by the kick.

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