Everyone certainly has an opinion when it comes to one of Utica's staple dishes. Greens are either loved or hated by many. But if you love them, here is where the best greens are served.

It most certainly feels like Utica Greens are something many just do not like. I know quite a few people that are flat out disgusted by the thought, smell, or idea of eating a plate of Utica Greens. I myself, can't actually say anything either way. I haven't had them. So I put out a question on Facebook to see what area restaurant is whipping up the best Utica Greens.

Most that commented did so by saying Georgios Village Cafe in New Hartford. I had heard that when I moved here as well. People over and over all around the area completely gush about how good their greens are.

Utica Greens are at the top of my list to try in the area, and maybe me putting that on Facebook was so I could start by trying the absolute best first. As a foodie, the idea of greens makes all the sense in the world on paper. Much like Riggies, for me, it seems like a dish that was just thrown together randomly.

In no way is that a bad thing. In fact, that is the exact way that Buffalo Wings were created. By total accident. If that is how greens were created, congrats to the inventor. Obviously, that person stumbled upon a massive success.

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