We're over three years removed from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, here in the United States. It started a few months prior to that in China, but for those in New York state, it was in March of 2020 that the pandemic started.

Lawmakers, both at the local and state level, urged residents to stay home unless they were essential employees (food service, law enforcement, media, etc.). Restaurants and bars were closed two separate times for dine-in, due to spikes in COVID-19 cases.

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By the start of 2022, the pandemic wined down and restrictions were lifted for good across the state. By the summer of 2022, almost all the restrictions were gone and things got back to a sense of normalcy.

If you remember, concert and sporting venues at one point required people to be vaccinated in order to attend the event; that was aided by the New York State Wallet App, which allowed New Yorkers to keep their vaccination records on their smartphone.

That app will soon be eliminated. In a notification that was sent out to those with the app on their phones on Friday afternoon, the app would be eliminated on July 28th.

The app allowed for a paperless record on vaccinations, in an effort to make sure people had their records everywhere they went; it also made it easier for establishments looking for vaccine records.

The state says the reduced demand for vaccine or COVID-19 test records is why they are eliminating the app altogether.

If you have the New York State Wallet app on your phone, it will not be available in four weeks. The state says that you can still get your vaccination records through your healthcare provider.

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