Imagine going to work and seeing a celebrity walk through the front door. Luck or not, this story is awesome!

Joe's New York Pizzeria via Facebook
Joe's New York Pizzeria via Facebook

It was just another weekend for Ivan Delia and his crew making pizza at his family's pizza shop, Joe's New York Pizzeria in West Winfield. That's when someone familiar walked through the door.

But not someone they knew locally. It was someone they've seen on T.V.

They were excited to welcome in Ferrari Challenge Driver Brian Kaminskey, who was stopping in for a slice of pizza. Every racer needs to take a pit stop during a race, but who knew it'd be right here in Herkimer County?

Anyone in and around West Winfield knows Joe's has some of the best pizza you can find. So you can bet Brian enjoyed not only the restaurants welcoming atmosphere, but the food as well.

Ferrari Challenge - Race Two
Getty Images for Ferrari

Though we don't know why he was driving through West Winfield, we do know that Kaminskey is so much more than just a driver for Ferrari.

Always Giving Back

One thing to know about Brian, he loves supporting others in any way he can. Brian is a major partner of Kids for Kids, an organization in New York City that raises money to support families struggling with medical challenges.

Kids For Kids Exotic Car Run
Eugene Gologursky

He's been a partner with the non-profit ever since he attended their first Family Fun Day. Brian's company Northeastern Bus Rebuilders often helps sponsor events through Kids for Kids, helping raise much needed money to those kids and need.

Kaminskey's passion to give back was inspired after visiting St. Jude in Memphis. He had such an incredible experience there, that he knew from then on it was his mission to help other less-fortunate kids and families in New York State.

Ferrari Challenge - Practice
Getty Images for Ferrari

No wonder a stand-up guy like Brian would make a stop in West Winfield to support an amazing local business like Joe's New York Pizzeria.

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