New York State is obsessed with the paranormal. What are the most popular ghost stories from across the state?

From the Hudson Valley to the Adirondack Mountains, New York's obsession with the supernatural runs deep. One of the most iconic paranormal stories came from New York State, the legend of Sleepy Hollow written by Washington Irving. From the infamous Amityville Horror House on Long Island to the mystical legends of Upstate New York's rolling hills, paranormal fans love New York's legends.

Even in the heart of New York City, ghost stories are far from dormant. The Dakota building, where John Lennon once lived, is believed to be haunted by the spirit of the legendary Beatle. In the village of Greenwich, the House of Death conceals an eerie history. New York's fascination with the supernatural extends to more than just ghostly tales. Cryptid creatures, unexplained natural phenomena, and mysterious disappearances also play a role in the state's obsession with the paranormal. New York State has it all.

Where in America can you find the most haunted states? Where does New York State fall on this ranking?

One ranking from Travel Channel compiled a ranking of how haunted each state is based on how many times their paranormal teams have been called to investigate in those states:

Using data from shows like Ghost Adventures, Kindred Spirits, Portals to Hell and more, we have a comprehensive list of where hauntings occur, including America's most haunted city. Can you guess where your state ranks on the list? The findings may surpise you.

Please note that these following 17 ghost stories and legends often have varying accounts, and some may be more folklore than documented history. Nonetheless, these stories are fun to enjoy:

17 Of New York State's Most Popular Ghost Stories

New York State is obsessed with the paranormal. What are the most popular ghost stories from across the state?

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler

10 Most Haunted States In America- Where Does New York Rank?

We decided to ask ChatGPT to help us solve this one. We asked it to determine the most haunted states in America, and why those states stand out.

Determining the most haunted states in America can be subjective and depends on various factors, including the number of reported ghostly encounters, the density of historical sites, and the prevalence of well-known haunted locations."

With that data, here's several states that are often considered to be among the most haunted in America, based on their historical significance and numerous reported paranormal experiences. See where New York ranked on this list:

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler

20 Haunted Bars Across New York State

Did you know that New York State is known for it's haunted bars and restaurants? Here's 20 haunted bars across New York you should make a visit too. Thanks to ChatGPT for this list:

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler

15 Of New York State’s Most Haunted Fishing Spots

What makes fishing in Upstate New York during October even more thrilling? Halloween and ghost stories. Consider visiting some of the region's haunted spots, where folklore and history come together to create a truly eerie atmosphere. Where are those spots? Glad you asked:

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler

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