Celebrating New Year's Eve can come with a lot of pressure. To want to end the year right and kick off the new year strong can feel overwhelming. If you don’t want to attend the traditional New Year's Eve party this year or, if watching the ball drop on your TV screen is simply not how you want to encapsulate 2023, we got you covered. Here are five unique ideas that can help you end the year strong.

Create a 2023 Time Capsule

Find a box and journey down memory lane! Gather the tickets, photos, trinkets, and receipts that marked the year! Whether you bury your time capsule or save it for future years, let it show anyone the moments and experiences that defined your year.

Go to a Rage Room

Turns out there's a few in the CNY area.

iSMASH SYRACUSE, NY - iSMASH (ismashusa.com)

Whatever rage 2023 has created within you, release it! Rage rooms allow you to let out all the tension, frustration, and anger within you safely so that you may be able to let it go and start 2024 on a new, relieved foot. 

Take Alone Time



End 2023 with your own company so that you can begin 2023 intuitively inwards. Clean your space, listen to your Spotify wrap, have your favorite meal, and celebrate New Year's Eve exactly on your own terms through personal time.

Go to an Arcade


An exciting room full of lights, games, and prizes is the perfect place to hold your own New Year's Eve get-together this year! An arcade will let you walk into the New Year with your inner child excited and present through this playful way to celebrate.

Make a Reservation at a New Restaurant


End the new year with a flavorful adventure. Whether there is a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try or you make a quest to find a new place to try, ending the year with something new is exciting and is the perfect way to embrace all the change that naturally comes in the New Year.

Mona Chahfe contributed to this article.

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