Have you ever heard of a Hot Air Balloon Walk? Learn what that means and how to do a free one here in Central New York.

The Town of Marcy Food Truck and Concert Series is back on July 28th 2023 from 4PM - 8PM. Enjoy live music from Whiskey Creek, they will be playing under the pavilion. Along with the food, music, and other free activites, enjoy a free hot air Balloon walk. What in the world does that even mean?

What Trucks Will Be There?

According to their Facebook Event, here's a look at the current list:

Squeezers Lemonade
Oh Crepe & Waffles
Grapevine gyros
Scott's Tots
Brake From The Grind llc
East Utica Catering Company
Polish Roadhouse
Eat out laod
Nothing Bundt Cakes
Jojos Empanadas
Arizona Tacos

Free Hot Air Balloon Walk by Airborne Adventures

A balloon walk consists of a hot air balloon that is in anchored at the top end, and at the bottom end, and then inflated with cold air by use of an inflation fan.

Rather than standing the balloon with air that is heated by the burner, the balloon is kept inflated with just the cold air. A large heavy mat is placed over the 'skirt' at the bottom end of the balloon, making it easily accessible for children of all ages, including those in wheelchairs. The public can then enter and view the balloon from the inside (without shoes).

To make the experience even more fun for children, they will add large inflatable balls for the kids to play with while they are in the balloon.

You can learn about other activities taking place online here.

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