A new attraction in New York City will give you the chance to recreate an iconic photo.

The attraction is called "The Beam," and it's at the observation deck on top of Rockefeller Center. This opportunity allows you to recreate the famous 1932 "Lunch Atop a Skyscraper" photograph, which captured ironworkers during a break on a beam during construction of 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Visitors are strapped onto a beam with a seatbelt and lifted 12 feet above the observation deck platform to enjoy amazing views of the city. Visitors who purchase a Top of the Rock ticket can experience "The Beam" for an additional $25."

Adults range in price between $40 - $55. Children are ages 6-12, $34 - $49. Seniors are between $38 - $53.

Follow in their fearless footsteps by buckling up for an exhilarating ascent above the deck. Here you’ll experience astonishing views of NYC’s famous Central Park and beyond. SEE YOU AT THE TOP."

Would you ever go on this experience? Would it be fun, or absolutely terrifying? It looks completely safe, so there's that. You can learn more online here.

How New York’s Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Is Selected

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This year, the Rockefeller Christmas Tree was donated by the McGinley family of Vestal, New York and it is a mammoth tree. This year's tree stands 80 feet tall, is 43 feet in diameter, and is somewhere between 80 and 85 years old.

Learn the secrets online here.

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