This is not a drill.

It's officially Mango Monday. How Monday became Mango Monday is a near epic tale.

Also, jelly buns are technically not donuts. But for ease and grace purposes, calling jelly buns a donut (while blasphemous) is closest.


This is not only a story of how a local Utica radio station manifested a new flavor of a beloved local pastry. It's a story about how said local community came together to help make it happen.


It all started with a powdered sugar topped confection only offered by Yorkville, NY bakery, Holland Farms. Jelly Buns are a sweet pastry (normally) filled with either raspberry, blueberry or lemon "jelly" that takes the idea of jelly donuts to a whole other level.

"They taste a bit like a cross between a donut and a strudel", says Envy McKee, co-host of Best Morning on Lite 98.7 in Utica, N.Y. "Because I'm new to the area, a few of our listeners began bringing the morning show jelly buns. I was immediately obsessed. One week, local nurse and therapist Suzanne Chabot (who is a regular on the show) brought us some. We started talking about potential summer flavors on the air. It was Suzanne who first suggested mango. "Big Mango Energy" was born shortly after that point and became a daily on-air conversation and a part of our burgeoning morning show schtick."


"Then we started getting the listeners involved. We told them to go in Holland Farms and ask for Mango Jelly Buns. We even called the bakery ourselves one time and played the call on the air. It became like a game."

Until one day, the game got really real.  On Monday September 25, 2023 at 10:39 AM-EST, Holland Farms announced Mango Mondays are officially a thing.

Best Morning co-host, Dave Wheeler, who is already considered "Jelly Bun famous" because of his appearance in a commercial for the bakery,

had this to say about the new jelly bun flavor, "It's brilliant how our listeners rallied behind Envy and I to help create this delicious treat into existence. Definitely recommend trying them while they last and recommend putting them in the fridge first and enjoying them cold."

Dave Wheeler
Dave Wheeler

In the words of the great TikTok prophet Anna Przy,

"It's called manifesting, look it up."

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