Honestly, after reading this Garage Sale ad from Utica, you'll want to spend $180 vs just the $80 the item is asking for.

Meet Mike Dangler. He's a man on a mission. The mission- sell his patio set. Now, he could have just posted photos on the Utica NY Garage Sale Facebook Group and called it a day......but Mike wasn't born like regular boys, he was born a sales warrior:

"You need this patio set. Trust me. People will be coming outta the woodwork when they see this bad boy in your backyard. Luxurious glass table in great shape. Plus 4 of the most comfortable chairs you've ever laid your butt on. You'll be asking yourself "are we sitting on clouds honey, yes dear we are, and it only cost us $80". Your only 1 umbrella away from owning the neighborhood and entertaining the night away. Don't wait! Just do it! Get this bad boy before it's too late!! Pick up in whitesboro I'll help you load it up so fast you'll think it was amazon."

The man isn't messing around. He will LOAD it up faster than you ordering from Amazon. Mike turned something rather dull, selling a used table and chairs, into something funny and memorable. THATS how you sell things. If you're interested, you can learn more from Mike online here.

Shop At The World's Largest Yardsale

The World's Largest Yard Sale is back for 2024 and will be bigger and better than ever before in Central New York. It's all happening on Saturday June 8th at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds.

Entrance fee is $4 per person, children 10 years old and under are free (no admission fee). Shop till you drop on Saturday June 8th! You would likely have to spend more than $4 worth of gas to travel to over 100 yard sales. You can read more online here.

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