In a place like New York where we live a fast lifestyle, we are always trying to get away from it all. It's getting even more difficult in a world where artificial intelligence seems to be taking over everything.

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More New Yorkers are looking to own their own business as a way to carve out their niche in an AI world. A survey by HostingAdvice showed the dream businesses for New Yorkers that go along with their passions. They are looking for a way to make money as advancements in technology continue.

Artisanal Bakery

Number one on the list of our dream jobs is owning an artisanal bakery. New Yorkers love growing their own organic products. That's good news because the organic food market continues to grow. This means that artisanal bakers will have a chance to help their customer's craving while making a profit at the same time.

Boutique Bookstore

Remember a few years back when bookstores around New York closed? Good news, they are beginning to make a comeback. New Yorkers admitted that owning a boutique bookstore is their second favorite dream job.

These bookstores don't want to just sell books but they want to make experiences by offering events for the community too. AI can't duplicate these experiences, so this is a really good idea.

Specialty Coffee Shop

For New Yorkers, owning a specialty coffee shop was third on the list of dream business ventures. The coffee industry seems to be safe from AI and it continues to grow. So specialty coffee shops is a great way to feed their passion and make money that AI can't take away from them.

New Yorkers continue to find new ways to AI-proof their careers as they start up their new businesses. These top three dream jobs of owning an artisanal bakery, boutique bookstore, and specialty coffee shop are examples that you can make money at the job you love that AI can't take away.

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