New York's had its share of issues with rodents, and sometimes humans may feel like they're on the losing end. However, if a new bill is passed, that battle against unwanted vermin may become even more difficult for some.

Proponents of the new law says it's for ethical reasons.

A number of cities across New York, such as Buffalo and Syracuse, routinely show up on Orkin's most most rat-infested places to live lists. And of course, New York City has always been known for its rat problem, that appears to have only been exasperated since the COVID-19 years.

Ban On Glue Traps Proposed in New York State? 

NBC reports that a new bill would ban glue traps, commonly used for rats and mice in the state of New York. The legislation was introduced by Brooklyn State Senator Jabari Brisport, and Assemblyman Harvey Epstein, who represents Manhattan's East-Side.

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Not only do some lawmakers feel the traps are not entirely effective, but they also say the method of trapping the rodents is cruel.

The bill says that "glue traps do not instantly kill the rodent; rather, they slowly die over the course of several days due to starvation, dehydration, and exhaustion."

Some local chains, such as Adams Fairacre Farms in the Mid-Hudson Valley, have already banned the sale of glue traps. Other organizations, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, support the ban for they say glue traps are dangerous for humans and other animals due to exposure to disease left by trapped rodents.

Some opponents of the proposed law say there far are worse ways for mice and rat extermination. Opponents also say that glue traps are a much cheaper alternative method to get rid of pests, according to NBC.

Several countries have already banned the traps, and the cities of West Hollywood and Ojai, California have banned the use of glue traps as well.

Other groups like PETA say a "potent concoction of salad oil with horseradish, garlic, and plenty of cayenne pepper" will repel rodents humanely. They suggest letting the oil sit several days, and then strain it. Once strained, Use a spray bottle to coat surfaces with the rodent deterrent, says Treehugger.

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