The New York Yankees ace starting pitcher Gerrit Cole has struggled since returning on June 19th this season.  In four starts he has been roughed up pretty good especially within the division in the American League East.  The Boston Red Sox and specifically Rafael Devers have owned Gerrit Cole since he has been a New York Yankee.  The reigning AL Cy Young award winner has to improve here because the Yankees are playing very poorly and the starting pitching has not been good.  I think Cole is still healthy as so it appears.  His velocity has been consistent it just seems both his location and confidence are off.  Below is my quick take on this as seen in The Times Union:

Gerrit Cole needs to be better if the New York Yankees are going to win the American League East and I mean a lot better. His ERA is over six after four starts since coming off the IL. His Spring Training is over the Yankees desperately need him to pitch like the ace of the staff. The Yankees recent struggles have left them chasing the Baltimore Orioles atop to the standings.

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Yankees' ace Gerrit Cole / Getty Images
Yankees' ace Gerrit Cole / Getty Images

I am sure Gerrit Cole will be fine as he has been of the best pitchers in baseball in the last decade.  He is also such a perfectionist and ruthless competitor and that always helps and matters.  The Yankees are going to need some help at the trade deadline coming up and that is for sure.

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