A massive new toll starts in the very near future. We've learned how much you will be forced to pay.

The MTA announced the official start date for congestion pricing and the official price you'll have to pay to drive in New York City.

Congestion Pricing Starts Next Month In New York State

New York City Explores Congestion Pricing Options To Ease Traffic Snarls
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Congestion pricing is expected to start on Sunday, June 30. Officials note the program will start at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday, June 30.

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"Starting June 30, 2024, vehicles will be tolled to enter the Congestion Relief Zone," the MTA states.

Toll Depends On Time Of Day, Type Of Vehicle

Tolls in York, Maine, on June 3, 2019.
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Most vehicles will be charged to drive past 60th Street In New York City starting on June 30th.

The toll amount will depend on the type of vehicle, time of day, whether any crossing credits apply, and the method of payment, officials note.

Congestion Price Toll In New York For Cars, SUVS, Motorcycles, Trucks, Buses, and More

Official Congestion Price Toll In New York Revealed

The toll amount will depend on the type of vehicle, time of day and more. Find out how much you will be charged:

Select trucks and buses will be exempt, officials say.

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Discounts & Exemptions For Some


The MTA confirmed there will be "discounts and exemptions" that will apply to certain drivers or vehicles entering the Congestion Relief Zone.

The congestion pricing plan includes local streets and avenues in Manhattan south of and including 60 Street, excluding the FDR Drive, West Side Highway/Route 9A, and the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel connections to West Street

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These are the most and least expensive toll roads in the U.S.

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