Hate your birthday? Did it always get in the way of something else and you felt robbed of all birthday celebration happiness?

When can you just change your birthday? Do you need to do something like actually amend your birth certificate or can it be something a little less costly with time and effort?

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What Does New York State Say About Changing Your Birthday?

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Well, truth be told, New York State doesn't have much to say about it, unless you fit into the following. Any chance you are in the witness protection program? Then New York State would be happy to take care of getting a new birth certificate and a new birth date for you.

What If Your Birthday is Incorrect on Your New York State Birth Certificate?

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For instance, your birth certificate says September 8, but your parents are insisting that your birth date was really the 9th. You will need to petition to amend your birth certificate. It sounds a bit easier than it is. You will need to be able to provide proof that you were actually born on a different date, hospital records, etc. Also, ask your parents why they didn't fix it just after you were born when it was easier to get the proof that would be needed.

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What If You Just Want to Celebrate Your Birthday on a Different Day?

Richard Burlton via Unsplash
Richard Burlton via Unsplash

To be honest, there is no reason that you cannot just declare your birthday a different day. The only thing where you will hit a snafu is if you declare yourself 21 and you have not actually reached that age or if, say you were wanting to apply for an age-restricted program. So, don't let anyone stop you.

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