Do you love going to Hot Air Balloon Festivals? New York State is home to many of them. Have you ever gone up in a hot air balloon? After the initial awkwardness of getting into the basket, the ride is pretty cool and oddly quiet.

Here are a few of the many Hot Air Balloon Festivals that you can check out during 2023 across New York State. If you know of one (or more) that should be added to the list, let me know! I would love to add it.

Where are all the Hot Air Balloon Festivals in New York State?

Balloonists Take To The Skies For The Bristol International Balloon Festival
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The festivals truly are located all across the state. If you are willing to cross state lines, there are also festivals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


What happens at Hot Air Balloon Festivals? Or at least the ones I've been to?

A Dawn Flight at Bristol Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
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What happens at Hot Air Balloon Festivals? Is it just about getting up early to see the balloons fill and take off? 

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In some ways, getting up early is a great part of it. The balloons will start to be inflated and tethered about an hour before sunrise. If you can be there in the morning, it is a magical time.

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Throughout the day, there will be balloons that are inflated and tethered, which will allow (for a fee) people to get into the basket and possibly launch into the air.

Most festivals also have live music, things for the kids and the adults to do, and food trucks. If you can be there at the evening or not quite sunset launches those are beautiful as well, plus there are usually bonfires, along with things like hot chocolate and smores.

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