After pleading guilty to second-degree manslaughter in the death of his nine-month old son, Levon, Jevon Wameling is being sentenced to serve between seven and a half to fifteen years in jail.

After months were spent searching for Levon, the baby's body was found encased in a plastic box in the river.  28-Year old Jevon Wameling, arrested by police on an unrelated theft charge, gave an admittance of sorts, claiming that he did have the baby when he died and that Levon had suffered a head injury while in his care.

This statement came after Wameling told Observer Dispatch reporter Rocco LaDuca that the baby had died in his sleep:
Jevon Wameling Says Baby Levon Died in his Sleep

The elder Wameling then pleaded guilty to the manslaughter charge, stating the he did not get medical attention for his son.

The story of "
Baby Levon," who went missing after being cared for by Jevon, gripped the Mohawk Valley and made national headlines. Several searches were conducted by

During one of those searches Baby Levon's mother, Amy Warney, said of Jevon, "He knows where my son is."




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