It’s probably safe to assume that last night will not go down as one of ‘Tonight Show’ host Jimmy Fallon’s favorite nights. It all started out simply enough—another show, another night, and the lovely Nicole Kidman on deck as a guest. This will be fun, Fallon probably thought, we can talk about her animated bear movie and say things using Australian slang! But what Fallon did not realize was that Kidman had a story to share with Fallon’s audience that directly involved him, and that it would be one that would alter the path of his own life forever.

Kidman and Fallon have previously met—all celebrities know each other, obviously—but while Fallon remembered their years-ago hang as a sort of weirdly casual thing, Kidman recalls it a bit differently. For Kidman, it was a romantic prospect, and the look on Fallon’s face when he realizes what might have been is genuinely priceless. You really blew this one, Fallon.

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