Marcy, NY (WIBX) - Want to know which WIBX Personality is this puppy's pet?  We think that Gena is just about three years old and she was adopted from a shelter.

She is a basenji mix and loves to walk.  Think you know who her owner is, or more accurately, which one of us she owns?  Comment under this story which can be found on our Facebook page.  Your guess is your entry in the WIBX Friend of the Week contest.

Our "Friend" will join us for an on-air promotion and enter for an opportunity to be a guest on "First Look."  Want to have coffee with one of our reporters?  Here is your chance.

Last week we asked what was up Gino's sleeve and your guesses were...interesting.  We have included some of the guesses below.  The winning guesses for last week's contest came from "Politigal GOP" and Keith Henry.

Politigal GOP said, "It is clearly an octopus or giant squid, which appears to be dripping ink.  I still can't tie the wind-up alien holding one of its legs into it.  Evidently others got it. Guess I'm just confused."  Actually, PG, your guess was pretty close.

We also liked what Keith Henry offered: "It seems to me, it's a clear manifestation of Gino's thirst for existential meaning in a feckless, cold universe."

"Politigal GOP" and Keith Henry will both be offered a chance to do an on-air promo with us next week.  And, oh yeah, what is Gino's artwork?  Apparently it is a robot in bandages ensnared in tentacles.


Think you might have a better chance with this week's contest?  Good luck!