“This year is OUR year,” says every Buffalo Bills fan every single year, but this year really could be it. Josh Allen is already locked in on his celebration plans should the Bills win the Super Bowl. 

It would be the first time in franchise history if the Buffalo Bills win the Lombardi trophy in Super Bowl LVI. 

While speaking to ESPN, Bills quarterback Josh Allen said that if the Bills win the Super Bowl, he will chug a cold beer out of his cleat while standing at the podium, called a “shoey.” 

You may be wondering why Josh Allen came up with this idea as a Super Bowl celebration -- it’s not because he likes his beer with a hint of feet, I promise.

Daniel Ricciardo, an Italian-Australian racing driver competing in Formula One (F1), became unlikely friends with Josh Allen back in 2019. Now, Ricciardo refers to Allen as a “step brother.”

Since 2016, the Formula One driver has celebrated on the podium with “shoeys,” or by drinking champagne from his shoe. Ricciardo asked his friend Josh Allen what it would take for him to chug a cold beer out of his football cleat. 

“As soon as we’re up there on that stage on the podium at the Super Bowl,” Allen said. “If we get there, I’m definitely taking my shoe off and I’m doing the whole thing [shoey] too.”

The friends exchanged helmets shortly after.

The Buffalo Bills entered the season with high expectations, already showcasing a win over the Kansas City Chiefs, the team that held them off from reaching Super Bowl 55. 

This Buffalo football team definitely has the chance to win their first Lombardi trophy, and when they do, look for Josh Allen on the podium, drinking a cold one out of his game-worn cleat. 

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