The New York Minute with Jill Martin got kinda awkward over the weekend.

It's a halftime feature during New York Knicks games where Martin quickly interviews a celebrity about an array of topics, usually not associated with the game at hand. Justin Bartha was the guest and began joking with Martin that she has to stop texting him about his 'Hangover' co-star Bradley Cooper.

Martin laughs it off. But Bartha wouldn't relent. Before the segment wraps, he responds to a question about a possible 'Hangover 4' by saying it wouldn't happen unless he, Martin and Cooper got together to make the movie.

You have to give credit to Martin who kept cool and pushed ahead, trying to get Bartha back on track. She actually played it so cool, you may have thought the two were old friends and this was an inside joke between them. Apparently, though, it was not.