Thursday, April 10, 2014

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***Today’s Topics***


- Bill has created a First News with Keeler in the Morning Ice, Ice, Baby/Pressure Remix.

- Comets are indeed on the road tonight and tomorrow, even though Jeff said they were home. He did own up to the mistake thought!

- Terrible tragedy in Pennsylvania shows true heroism in students and teachers. 20 injured in the stabbing, but all should survive.


- Malaysian Airlines Update: Pings are heard again and search teams feel that they are possibly above the wreckage.

- Gunky Day Today! Sometimes there isn't a ton going on around the country and we have somewhat stupid stories such as Kevin Costner saying the "S" word on ESPN.

- There is a terrible story that came out of Florida where there was an accident at a day care. The cause of the accident was from a multi-car pile up. Police don't have a driver but know that it was an SUV that caused the accident.

- Proctor students involved in a brawl. 6 students were waiting for the bus and allegedly began fighting. One police officer was injured when he rolled his ankle.

Ray Stagich's Weather Forecast


- Bill makes up for his messed up forecast and delivers good news! Temperatures could reach 77 on Monday. 77!!!

- Billy Joel visits an Elementary School in Long Island to see a show about Billy Joel's music and he showed up on his motorcycle.


- Bill O'Reilly complains about Stephen Colbert and thinks he is destroying America.

- His rant leads to the discussion of college students and sports fans causing destruction when a team they love wins. WHY?

Car Repairs Are Killer

- Bill's gripe for today is a result of the fact that his car is going to cost him over $1000 to fix.

Vanilla Ice Interview

- Discussing his home improvement show on the DIY Network. The show is called "The Vanilla Ice Project."

***SOUND OFF w/ Special Guests***

- Leon and Romy In Studio to give us an update on what they've been doing and where they're going now.

Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To You!

- Maxwell Elliott from Brookfield/Hubbardsville
- Charlie Lewis from Westmoreland
- Christianne Dalfo from Fayettville

Maxwell Elliott you get the cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop! Congrats!

Leon and Romy Continuing In Studio

Jeff Monaski
Jeff Monaski

- Their only public appearance in CNY probably until October, will be at the Kallet Theatre in Pulaski, NY on April 19th. For tickets and details go to

- The theater is beautiful and newly renovated and they are the first non-music act to be in the new space.

- They will be spending their Summer in Alaska and some time in Vancouver.


- One young man has his first Mac stolen and we discussed the difference between Bill's Laptop and Jeff's. The Mac has been determined to be more valuable and heftier. The Discussion that ensued was MAC v. PC.

- Lindsay Lohan on "The Late Show with David Letterman" prank phone calling Oprah Winfrey. Was it set up? We think so.


- 10 children at a pizza place in Chicago got drunk accidentally on spiked punch. A dim-whited server put the wrong juice into the kids fountain. They have a fruit punch fountain. The kids were hospitalized for preventative measure.

- Best Hot Dogs in America! Some were even here in New York!

Howie Hawkins - Running For Governor

Audrey C. Tiernan-Pool/Getty Images
Audrey C. Tiernan-Pool/Getty Images

- Howie is a mainstream candidate who also ran in the 2010 Governor's race. He is hoping to be the progressive alternative in Albany and is running with the Green Party. His big issue discussed was increasing minimum wage.

- His goal is not to win, because he has no chance, it's to secure a certain number of votes for his party.

Minimum Wages and Cheap Flights

- Caller comments on Howie's minimum wage stance.

- Looking to go to Myrtle Beach? You can fly there for a great rate.

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