Today is Friday, September 20th, 2013

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Today's Gripe:  Regulations.  We seem to over regulate in an effort to create the perfect world...which we'll never be able to create, by the way.  A trivial example, apple cider.  It just doesn't taste the same when it's homogenized...but leave it to the government to regulate nobody can ever get sick.


The 10 Ugliest College Campuses in America

Complex has compiled a list of the ugliest college campuses in the country, basing its rankings on location, planning, decentralized campuses, and mixed styles of architecture. Interestingly, five of the top 10 are in New York.

  • 1. Ave Maria University
  • 2. City College of New York
  • 3. Rochester Institute of Technology
  • 4. SUNY Purchase
  • 5. SUNY Buffalo, North Campus
  • 6. Drexel University
  • 7. SUNY Stony Brook
  • 8. Georgia State University

Willie Waffle Movie Review

It was a decision between two movies this week, since both were shown on the same night.  You tell me which you think I saw:Prisoners - Hugh Jackman is a father who takes matters into his own hands when his daughter disappears.  Getting tons of Oscar buzz.Battle of the Year - A movie about "The Olympics of Break Dancing" starring Chris Brown.He saw the Chris Brown movie and loved it.  Called it intense.  Out of four waffles, he gave this one 4 waffles.

Click here for Willie's Reviews:  here


Did you See Something Strange in the Sky Last Night?

We've taken a lot of calls this morning on strange lights in the sky in the Rome area last night at around 8 p.m..  If you saw something, call us during the show at 736-0186.


Utica Police Look Into a Terrible Animal Abuse Case

We spoke with Kim Strong this morning from the "Lainey's Arm" animal rights group who says they've put up a $1200 reward for information leading people to an arrest of the person responsible.  Look at this photo from WKTV...WARNING: it's difficult to look at!

TV Reporter Ryan Nobles on Washington Naval Yard Shooting

Ryan, who was an anchor on WKTV is now in Richmond at the NBC affiliate, spent the week in DC at the Washington Naval Yard.  He'll talk about it.



 7:50 Morgan Spurlock is On Air

Morgan is the maker of such documentaries as Super Size Me, Super High Me, and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

Has a new phone app to help people make healthy eating choices called SUPER SIZE ME: WHAT ARE WE EATING?
The app is to be available on September 17 in iTunes App Store for all iOS Devices.
Super Size Me: What Are We Eating automatically detects the nearest restaurants and exposes nutrition facts from a large and growing community database of menus from America's best-known chains. In addition to location-based menu guidance, the application allows users to use quick indexes to view daily value percentages, facts, and nutritional advisories for tens of thousands of menu items, streamlining access to health information.


8:10:  HLN's Jane Valex Mitchel is on the air

Talks about her new book about Jodi Arias.

Utica Comets Cheerleader Competition

The Comets are on talking about Saturday's try outs for Comettes Cheerleaders for the upcoming season.