Friday, April 22nd, 2016

Happy Earth Day!

6 AM Hour

Bill is live at the Utica Memorial Auditorium.  Tickets go on sale this morning for Tuesday's playoffs.  About a dozen people are in line already.  It is the second year in a row that the Utica Comets are in the playoffs.  This year they will play the Albany Devils.  The Vancouver Canucks have sent down a number of players to the AHL to boost the Comets' chances.

We talk about the death of Prince, a shock to us all.


We speak with Jon Decker about the world's view of Donald Trump.

And Prince, whose penchant for what some would consider to be flamboyant attire often overshadowed the spoken acclaim for his musical gifts, is professionally regarded as one of the greatest guitar players in the world.

Kristine says she caught Nancy Grace's take on the Prince story yesterday.

Wolf Blitzer got it wrong yesterday when he talked about the death of Prince, known - he said - for "Purple Haze."  Oops.

Willie Waffle reminisces about Prince.  He says that prince was mysterious, and that was one of things for which the world loved him.  This week he reviews "The Huntsman," which he says has a storyline "going all over the place,"  and gives it half a waffle.  He reminds Keeler that he has never watched HBO's "Game of Thrones."  Keeler gives Willie a trivia quiz...

7 AM Hour

Donald Trump is sounding more presidential.

We talk with Michelle Pollino from Fox News about Prince's death.

Happy birthday to:

  • Howard Bender from Utica
  • Abby Foster from Remsen
  • JoAnn McNamara from Waterville
  • Peggy Nugent from Oriskany
  • Giuliana Olsen from Utica

Congratulations to Giuliana Olsen and JoAnna McNamara, both of whom win the certificate for a birthday cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop in Utica.

Dennis is on the line.  We talk about Jehovah's Witnesses, and eventually door-to-door-sales people.

Producer Andrew Derminio joins us from the line at the Utica Memorial Auditorium as fans wait for the chance to get playoff tickets.  Andrew gives the phone to a few fans.  Several of those people were also in last year's line.

Candy from Utica wins $200 in today's Free Money Question of the Day.

8 AM Hour

Donna Ray and Al Amadeo are in studio.  Kim Strong is on the telephone.  They are all raising money for Lainey's Army.

The tribute to Prince continues.


We spoke with Utica Common Councilman Joe Marino, who voted against the proposed housing complex in downtown Utica in favor of a sportsplex near the Utica Memorial Auditorium.  He says that he has a vision and that "we are dropping the ball on economic development."  He says that he has great respect for the Utica Observer-Dispatch editorial board, but he disagrees with the board's stance on the proposed downtown housing complex.  "At the end of the day we're trying to make our city work, not our egos..."

Enjoy your weekend!


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