Monday, December 8th, 2014

On today’s show we talk with Lt. Steve Hauck, Congressman Hanna about DFAS, and we talk about falling gas prices.

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***Today’s Topics***


- It was a crazy game at the Teddy Bear Toss on Friday night! Eric Garner's widow was on 'Meet The Press' and may have changed Bill's thoughts a bit.


- Bill has another possible mouse problem! We also play audio from 'Meet The Press' of Eric Garner's widow.


- We get nostalgic over candy bars and we talk the weather with Ray Stagich!


- We talk about the Teddy Bear Toss and how bad we felt for New York Sash.

Congressman Richard Hanna - DFAS

- Before we get to the Congressman, Bill solves a crisis at home. Then we get to Congressman Hanna about the latest on DFAS.


- How about those gas prices?

Lt. Steve Hauck - UPD

- We clear up the Fastrac debacle and we talk to Steve Hauck about Homeland.

Continuing with Lt. Hauck

- We continue the discussion of race relations and Ferguson/Garner fallout.

Lt. Hauck

- Lt. Hauck talks about the relationship between police and community members.


- We talk to Stefan on his birthday and Tom calls in to congratulate Kristine.

Adam Cooper - Gas and Oil Prices Expert

- Adam gives us the scoop on why gas prices are so low and how low they may go?

Wrapping Up For They Day

- How lenient is too lenient for parents?

Free Money Question of the Day #2

- Marty from Mohawk - Only won Carmella's.

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