Monday, March 14th, 2016

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6 AM Hour

Number 10 seed Syracuse University is headed to the NCAA Tournament.  The Syracuse men's basketball team learned that they are the number ten seed in the Midwest Region, and will play against number seven Dayton on Friday.

Kristine asks Keeler if SU Head Coach Jim Boeheim is having more fun these days, seemingly doing more commercials.

What will happen in this week's primaries?  Will there be a brokered convention?

Is Rubio a viable candidate?

Monaski talks about tomatoes in campaigns - yes, that is pertinent in this election.


Keith Emerson

The NCAA Tournament bracket was leaked over the weekend.  Monaski says that he believes that there are broadcast considerations; he says he thinks that CBS pays to broadcast the bracket selections.

Good job, Utica!  Nothing bad was reported to have come out of this weekend's St. Patrick's Day parade.

NBC's "Saturday Night LIVE" continues to take on the elections.

Hillary Clinton made a goof - or did she - when she praised Nancy Regan's contributions towards research on HIV and AIDS.

7 AM Hour

Oriskany High School Basketball Coach Chris Mahoney joins us to talk about this past weekend. Not only did Oriskany capture the Class D Boys State Title, the team set a NYS Tournament record for made 3-pointers (15).

Political pollster John Zogby talks politics ahead of Super Tuesday. On the Democratic side, John says if the polls are to be believed, Hillary will have a big day tomorrow. However, many are skeptical following Michigan - where polling showed she'd beat Bernie, but Sanders came up with the win. For the GOP, John Kasich is polling well in Ohio while Trump seems primed to take all 99 delegates in Florida.

Happy Birthday to:

  • Fran Barberio from Frankfort
  • Miranda Marron from New York Mills
  • Bob Papinsick from Utica
  • Katherine Polish from Sauquoit
  • Keelyn Simpson from Utica

The cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop on Bleecker Street in Utica goes to:

  • Keelyn Simson
  • Katherine Polish


Leon Etienne joins us from China. He was hand picked to star in a huge magic show in for the next month. He's learning the language, and to our surprise, is not being hammered with questions about Donald Trump.

FREE Money WINNER! Could you have answered our Presidential trivia question? Plus, Monaski and Keeler play Who Said It? - Andrew Jackson or Donald Trump...

8 AM Hour

It's back...The Hillary Home Security System is now on sale...(Just in case you weren't sure, this is not a real product!)

We talk with a big Donald Trump supporter. ...Jewel started Tea Party New York and is in the state of Ohio this morning to stump for Trump. Local Trumpster Jim Zecca calls in to share his support as well. However, Zecca says he is not comfortable with the reports of violence going on at Trump events.


Caller Lucia is a Donald Trump fan, and calls-in to share her support. She also shares her displeasure for Hillary Clinton

Nick Woodman from Utica College joins us in studio to talk about NFL Pro Day over the weekend at Fordham University. He already has an agent and says team officials told him he needs to put a few pounds of muscle. Great young man hoping to make it in the pros.


Wrapping up with some audio of Donald Trump on Sunday's Meet the Press. We're baffled at his account of events vs what others say.



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