Monday, May 16th, 2016


6 AM Hour


We recap the weekend's poltical news - yes, it is mostly about Donald Trump.

Fox News' Tonya J. Powers joins us to talk about the latest on Al Qaeda and their magazine which is now targeting American business leaders.

We talk about the blow delivered by Texas rangers' second baseman Rougned Odor to Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista.

A guy who woke up from a coma woke up and requested Taco Bell.

How reporters dress is up for discussion.  Keeler says that he witnessed a local eporter with a skirt that was way too short for on-air or in public and a weathercaster in Los Angeles was publicly chastised while on the air for wearing a black cocktail dress that some viewers thought was inappropriate.

Mashable posted the story and Liberte Chan posted the video:




7 AM Hour


We talk with Professor Allan Saxe from the University of Texas at Arlington about Elizabeth Warren.

Central Valley Central School District Superintendent Richard Hughes joins us in studio to talk about the educational statistics in the region.  For CVA, he says, the numbers are not good.


Happy birthday to:

  • Ted Cox from Utica
  • Alice Ellis from Whitesboro
  • Linda Glover from Utica
  • Colleen Kannianinen from Clinton
  • Mark Salerno from Marcy
  • Liz Streble from Camden
  • Kim Tobiasz from utica
  • Cailyn Urgan from Marcy

The certificates for birthday cakes from the Florentine Pasty Shop in Utica goes to: Colleen Kannianinen.  Congratulations!

We continue our conversation with CVA Superintendent Richard Hughes.

Is the President over-reaching on his transgender policy?  Or is what he is prescribing exactly what is needed?

8 AM Hour


Steve from Holland Patent calls in to talk about customer service.

LeRoy from Utica calls in to talk about the transgender bathroom issue.


Delaine Faris says that fifty percent of teenagers are addicted to their phones and mobile devices.

Hardball Times' reporter Nathaniel Rakich says that it is time to move the Baseball Hall of Fame from Cooperstown to New York City.  Kristine calls it parochial snobbery.  Keeler says let's move the Grand Canyont there as well while we are at it.

Tom in Utica tried to win today's Free Money Question of the Day.

Enjoy your day!