Monday, May 19th, 2014

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***Today’s Topics***


- Big change for Remington Arms. Two models are leaving the plant and that begs the questions of whether or not jobs will be lost or if production of those models will be replace by others.

- Ride For Missing Children cut short and some were upset they had to do that but this year is believed to be a record year for fund-raising.

- Kristine has a new book she is publishing about her experience of being abducted as a child by her father.


- President Obama comes to Cooperstown to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame and tourism. - How will he arrive? Where will he visit?

- Putin is moving troops away from Ukraine and this time he means it.

- Memorial Day weekend is coming up this weekend. - Don Liable will be covering a lot of Hall of Fame events for us.


- It was a nice weekend and it was a little chilly. Bill forgot to pull his wife's plants inside.

- The New Hartford Town Park is a great place to go for a picnic and to enjoy some family fun!

- Malaysian Airlines Headline contest. Guess the correct headline. Malaysian Airlines case is getting a movie.

Richard Lewelling from The Weather Channel

- Richard is filling in for Ray. He gives us his Weather Forecast.


- Pam Anderson was gang raped as a teen in high school. She released this information when she was speaking at a benefit for her foundation.

- Andrew didn't know Anderson was on "Home Improvement" for as long as she was.

- Coming up Kristine's story about her abduction as a child.

Jim Breuer - Comedian

Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

- Jim Breuer is coming to the Turning Stone June 7th @ 8pm to the Showroom.

- He talked about his hometown and his early career. We also talked about his comedy special on Netflix.

- He talks about his kids not knowing some of the big names from back in the day and tells a great story about his daughter and Joe Pesci.

- Jim is going to be at the Turning Stone June 7th @ 8pm and you can get tickets by CLICKING HERE!

Bill's Big Apology

- Bill has done something he has never done in his whole career. He missed a speaking engagement. He told Pam Matt of The Chamber that he would speak and make a presentation for the Rotary Club and missed it.

- Bill put the wrong time in his phone. Twelve Noon is what it should have been, but it was twelve midnight.

Kristine Shares The Story Of Her Abduction

- Her father abducted her at the age of 4 and she wrote a book four years later and is now ready to share her story with everyone.

- Her sister Debbie joined the conversation and shared her perspective on it.

Kristine's Story Continues

- Kristine opens up about this traumatic experience in her life.

Mallory Brown - The Red Cross

- Before we go to Mallory we talked about the significance of Kristine sharing her story when as a journalist she asks people to share theirs.

- Mallory is with the American Red Cross here in Central New York. She was on to discuss an event they have coming up that honors local heroes. It's the Real Heroes Breakfast Banquet in which 12 people in 12 categories will be honored for their life saving heroics.

That event will be held Wednesday, June 4th, 2014 at the SUNY IT Field House. You can get tickets by visiting this website:

- Mallory also talked with us about the fact they need three more honorees for three categories in Youth (17 and under), Educational (Teachers using life saving skills), and Industrial (life saving skills at work). Visit the above site if you know someone that would fit this criteria.

- We also discussed the fact that the Red Cross also helps families who are victims of fire and the number has doubled from this time last year.

Senator James Seward

- State Senator James Seward discusses the Remington Arms change that was announced.

- Senator Seward acknowledged that the SAFE Act needs to be repealed. He blames the SAFE Act even though Remington Executives won't come out and say it.

That's It! Enjoy your Monday!

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