Monday, November 9th, 2015

6 AM Hour

Recapping the weekend, including Jim and Andrew winning an award at Gourmet Guys to the Rescue. Plus, is the media being fair to Ben Carson?

Donald Trump on Saturday Night LIVE

Listener emails over Friday's segment with a Sovereign Citizen. And, a FREE Money Question of the Day

Mary review's Andrew and Jim's mint-chocolate dessert

7 AM Hour

The Mormon faith no longer welcoming the children of gays?

Andrew Challenger of Challenger, Gray and Christmas - Veteran unemployment lower than the national average.

Discussing photos purportedly of Greg Hardy's ex following a past domestic incident. Ray Rice, yes Ray Rice, weighs in. And, another FREE Money Question.

'Tis the season. The Operation Sunshine, Toys for Tots, Keeler in the Morning. NY Sash Teddy Bear Toss Toy Drive is near.

Video of the segment is below:

WIBX post 09 November 2015
WIBX post 09 November 2015

8 AM Hour

Ron Moshier of the Utica OD on Whitesboro and Notre Dame winning Section III Football titles. Now, onto the state tourney.

Discussing Donald Trump's SNL appearance. Did the writer's sabotage his campaign? Some think so. Also, Bob Heins

Eva Pearlman of Brindisi, Murad, Brindisi and Pearlman joins the call the pull a national Nissan commercial that send the wrong message. Nissan has pulled the spot. Peter Mannella of the New York Association of Pupil Transportation

Ending the day with a final FREE Money Question

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