Monday, October 10th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Recapping Presidential Debate No. 2. Trump seemed to be much more prepared that in the first debate. We react to the jabs and sparring we saw this time around.

It's National Pet Wellness Month. Here are 3 ways your pet might be eating contaminated food: Cereals and grains could be exposing your pet to toxins, Your pet's food may contain bacterial caused by moisture and warmth, and chemicals that enhance flavor may be unhealthy.

Checking in with Fox's Rachel Sutherland on the Access Hollywood video that leaked this weekend. It's a decade old but featured Donald Trump saying some very uncomfortable things about women - story here.

Keeler was at the Andy Grammar and Gavin DeGraw show at The Stanley this weekend. Keeler was too short to see over the 'very tall' people standing a few rows in front of him:

7 AM Hour

Producer Stephanie got to visit the new Boscov's this weekend. They officially opened this weekend in the former Sear's wing at Sangertown Square.

Fox's Jeff Monosso with a report on last night's Presidential Debate - story and reaction here. What did Jeff think of the moderators?

FREE Money Question of the Day for $100 - The first ever televised presidential debate was between JFK and Richard Nixon. Which candidates were in the second TV debate? The answer - it didn't come until a decade was Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford in 1976.

Danney Williams-Clinton claims to be the son of former President Bill Clinton. He's scheduled to be on to share his story with us. We didn't hear from Danney this hour, we're hoping there is a time conflict and he'll join us next hour.

Baby's parent wanted it to live off of water and sunlight, and some fruit and nuts. Vegan diet not healthy for kids, leaving this child malnourished - story here.

8 AM Hour

Keeler discussing the Gary Johnson sticking his tongue out audio. Here's the video:

Ron Moshier from the Utica OD recapping this weekend's high school sports action. Here is some of Ron's coverage from this weekend.

Professor Allan Saxe from University of Texas Arlington joins us for reaction to last night's Presidential Debate (No. 2). And, a caller chimes in with criticism from the 'fake' Republican Bill Keeler

We've been unable to get in touch with Danney Williams Clinton, we'll try again tomorrow.

And, we end on Columbus Day with the growing effort to rid the US of Columbus Day - story here.

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