Monday, September 22nd, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- This weekend was very windy, but overall it was a pretty good weekend. Other than today we're looking at a great week as well.

- We preview what is to come on today's show.

- We talk about the NFL this weekend. The Giants get their first win and Buffalo gets a reality check.

- The Mets had a good weekend sweeping the Braves, but because of the Pirates they are officially out of the playoffs.

- Bill brings up the Rome police officer who plead guilty to rape. He was sentenced to 6 months in prison. We talk about how despicable that sentence is.

- We talk about the leniency of rape sentencing, especially for a law enforcement officer.


- Andrew hurt his knee at a golf tournament yesterday and it was an idiot golf tournament, which is use of anything but clubs. He really hurt his knee.

- We talk again about the NFL and domestic violence. Bill brings up the point that this really isn't an NFL issue, but an America problem.

- As unfortunate as it has been, the incidents of domestic violence in the NFL has brought a better awareness of domestic violence to America.

- We talk about a South Park promo that played during the 4th quarter of the Eagles/Redskins game promoting the season 18 premiere and it has something to do with the Redskins.


- Car commercials especially for Lincoln have gotten a little too over-dramatic. It's just goofy.

- There have been multiple sightings of a UFO in England. This was a very mainstream sighting and people can not explain it.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray is back! He had an awesome trip to Disney and we talk about his vacation and the attraction of Matthew McConaughey.

- Ray gives us a very positive forecast for some warm weather this week.

- And...more McConaughey talk.


- If you decide you need to go in a different direction with your career, you should probably not burn a bridge or do anything stupid. You need to leave the job with your head high.

- A reporter in Alaska quit her job on Live TV and she admits to being the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club and she quit during a live report and left it by saying, "fu*k it."

Here Is The Video Of Her Quitting (NSFW - Contains the 'F' Word)

John Zogby - Zogby Analytics

- Before we get to John Zogby, we talk about the future of the Hotel Utica. A major national company is rumored to be taking over the historic building. What will the deal be?

- Now to John:

- We start the conversation with talking about a potential Republican sweep in the Senate, but more importantly the new non-issue is Obamacare. It's gotten to the point where it will not go away, but there is a more important issue here and that is foreign policy and military issues.

- We ask John about our strategy for handling ISIS and the Boots on the Ground issue. John believes that it is more complicated than just two sides. He does have some disagreements with military advisers, but Obama is making the choice based on what he feels the people want.

- The only way to describe ISIL is pure evil and John compares them to the terrorist groups of the 70s. These are middle-class kids and you have to wonder what the motivation is to join this evil group.

- John does not believe that this is a huge group member wise and there is probably not a lot of ISIS members in America.

Tim Reed - The New Boilermaker Building

Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media
Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media

- We have Tim Reed in studio to talk about the new building they have and how big it is. The building is old but it's new. Tim talks about the beauty of the design of this building.

- Tim always felt that the Boilermaker Road Race should be a health and financial contribution to the community.

- With the new building they will also have the opportunity to display some real historic items from the Boilermaker.

- Being that they are now in a residential area, they want to take the opportunity to engage in some after school activities and get involved in that neighborhood and community.

- We joke with Tim about the differences between the old and new building. They are officially there and pretty soon will be able to bring people through.

- Later this week Tim will receive the banner from "The Shadow Run" which took place in Afghanistan this year.

Rob Astorino - Republican Gubernatorial Candidate

- We ask about the voter turnout in the primary for Zephyr Teachout.  Rob Astorino said that those numbers are what he expected.

- Astorino claims that other than the island of Manhattan, there is no real passion for Cuomo on either side.

- We talk about the counties that Teachout won and the reason why people truly came out to vote for her.

- Rob Astorino believes that the reason for all the negative campaign ADs that are inaccurate, to take attention off the fact that he is being investigated by federal prosecutors.

- Rob Astorino knows that he will win because of how passionate his side is about this election. He brings up the Safe Act, common core, and other major issues he is against Cuomo on.

- Rob Astorino believes that NANO is all smoke and mirrors just to get through November. Astorino believes that the State is in trouble because businesses and people are leaving in record numbers.


- The news doesn't ever seem to change lately. Another GM recall, more privacy/security breaches, and the list goes on.

- We are talking about the Home Depot breach and it leads to a discussion of the Apple iPay. It really does work with your thumbprint.

Ron Moshier - Utica OD

- Ron Moshier gives us a recap of this weekend's high school football action.

- He tells us the teams to watch out for.

- William calls up to ask Ron about why the Proctor schedule was changed from 7pm to 5pm.

- Ron wasn't sure about why that happened either.

- We also briefly talk about Utica College and how good they're doing. They're off to a 3-0 start for the first time in a while.

Eben Brown - iPhone Sales Over The Weekend

- Eben Brown lets us know that in regards to pre-sale orders, Apple did 4 million orders.

- He doesn't have the exact numbers on overall sales this weekend, but they have done better than they did with their last release.

- We discuss the various plans and Apple's plan to try and get back your older phone for the new one to refurbish and sell your older phone.

- We discuss online sales as well of old phones.

- We talk about the new operating system and Apple's goal to re-invest in the Apple TV to help control the items in your home and eventually use your phone or iKit to control your home devices.

Anthony Brindisi - Assemblyman

Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media
Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media

- We talk about Rob Astorino and his association with Townsquare Media.  Anthony Brindisi comments on Astorino's thoughts on NanoUtica. He says Governor Andrew Cuomo has done a lot for our area and he worries about an Astorino governorship.

- We talk with Assemblyman Brindisi about school budgets and financial distribution for schools across the state. He talks about the differences between Westchester County and Utica Schools. They don't have a need for state funding like we do, however they have a problem with that.

- We continue the discussion with Anthony about the extended learning time grants and the forums. We also talk about the level of poverty that Utica is facing and how that could effect the extended school day.

- Class sizes are a big issue with Anthony as well.

Continuing with Anthony Brindisi

- We discuss politics with Anthony and he talks about the fact that moderates don't last long in politics and they don't really last. People are on one side or the other and it's important for people to compromise.

- We ask Anthony about the rape case with the Rome police officer. He is not as familiar with this case specifically, but he believes from a legislative stand point the penalties should be increased. Some of the members in his own party don't feel penalties should be that strict.

- Starting on September 29th, Assemblyman Brindisi will be holding a coat drive with several drop off locations including Chanatry's.