Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Today we talk Education Reform with Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi and Senator Joe Griffo. Also, the Utica Comets are going to the playoffs and we'll drink some craft beer with John Naegele.

***Today’s Topics***


- The Comets are going to the playoffs. Senator Griffo is catching some flack on his stance on education reform. We discuss Opt out.

Photo Credit: Alison Keeler


- The Utica OD has a huge story about the Indiana Religious Freedom Law and we discuss it.


- Good Friday is this week and we need to remember certain things to do to be good Christians. We also talk to Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel.


- We recap the story of the Boonville Veteran and how generous and kind people in this community are. We also take some calls from people on the issues we've discussed today.

Anthony Brindisi - Assemblyman

- Assemblyman Brindisi talks to us about education reform and the state budget.

Jim Piccola - NYS DOT

- We talk to Jim Piccola m about the "DIP" sign that has been spotted on Higby Rd. What in the world is a "DIP" sign? He also gives an update on roads and the arterial project.

Photo Credit: Bill Keeler






***Sound Off***

- We give listeners the chance to call up and talk about whatever they want! The phone lines are open.

Mark Caswell - The Utica Comets

- It was a historic night last night at The Utica Memorial Auditorium! The Utica Comets have a record high 8-game win streak and in the second season they're off to the playoffs!


Pat Costello - Central New York Labor Council

- Before we talk to Pat, we talk about the police officer who went off on an UBER driver. Bob Barker also returns to the 'Price Is Right.' Then we talk to Pat about an awesome Irish event at The Stanley tomorrow night.

Photo Credit: Michael Buckner, Getty Images Entertainment


- A police officer in NYC went off on a UBER driving and we discuss it.

Cindy Phillips (Beef Council) and John Naegele (McCraith Beverage)

- We talk to Cindy about the #ProteinChallenge and Naegele presents our Craft Beer of the Week!

Senator Joe Griffo

- We talk to Senator Joe Griffo about his stance on education reform and the state budget.