Thursday, July 17th, 2014
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Newsmaker of the Day: Meth
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***Today’s Topics***


- A big story that was developing all day yesterday on the Sylvan Beach METH Lab and Kristine gives us an update.

- Mugshots are discussed specifically mugshots of people on Meth.

- Councilman Joe Marino has a resolution to prevent construction the day before the Boilermaker.

- A New Jersey reporter was doing a weekend shift on a TV station and decided to start editorializing. As a result, he has been suspended.


- We have our big company picnic today in the back yard of our office building. Bill's daughter made jello inside of a hollowed out watermelon. What did everyone else bring?

- A New Jersey reporter, who was a contracted reporter, began editorializing on a story of a cop-killer being shot. A mother of a cop killer who had been killed said her son should have killed more cops. What he did was a job for a News Director. The reporter explained why they were running a story.

- Kristine talks about her inability to share her opinion due to the fact she is a news person.


Andrew Derminio, WIBX/TSM
Andrew Derminio, WIBX/TSM

- As we mentioned, we have a company picnic and Bill's daughter Grace made some jello molds out of real watermelon rinds.

- We discuss the dish and Andrew and Bill team up to cut it...

Andrew Derminio, WIBX/TSM
Andrew Derminio, WIBX/TSM

- Jeff Eno from the Weather Channel is in for Ray Stagich giving us the daily weather forecast.


- Charlie Sheen is in the news again. He was video taped drunk at a taco bell by a couple. He admitted to them that he was messed up.

- There may not be a lot of sports news going on, however there was a lot of talk about Derek Jeter at the All-Star game.

- Jeff explains the meatball and the pipeline accusations at the game. Also Bill plays a montage of all the people who said his name during the Mid-Summer Classic.

- A woman who was robbed at gun point near her home, thought she would never get justice, however her assailants were caught on camera. Not just any camera, they were caught on the Google Earth camera.

- A little girl was caught in a storm drain and then to a creek. Her parents were very worried.

Camara Clifton - Billionaire Wants Split California Into 6 States

- A billionaire named Timothy Draper is putting his efforts and resources into breaking California into 6 separate states. It would definitely break up electoral votes.

- Draper has put a lot of money already into the project.

- We talk about all the other states that have proposed something like this. We discuss complications it would cause.


- Jerome calls up to ask for our help. He was awarded food stamps by the state and has yet to been issued them. It has been 5 months.

- He is going to the Rescue Mission to eat but has asked for our help.

- Jerome is a former City Parks Department worker.

Adam Vanderhoof - Oneida News Network

Andrew Derminio, WIBX/TSM
Andrew Derminio, WIBX/TSM

- Adam is out of college and while in college he studied broadcast journalism/communications.

- He had a gig in college DJing, but he did something different with it and make it interesting.

- Adam has created the Oneida News Network, which is a YouTube news station for news specifically in Oneida. The news is with a twist, they bring a positive light into it.

- Adam is very enthusiastic and his drive is inspiring.

Here Are Some Of Adam's News Stories:


- Bill talks more about Adam Vanderhoof and his motivation and confidence.

- We address the issue Councilman Marino brings up about construction too close to the Boilermaker.

- Bill brings up the fact that even though he may not be able to get to his phone, it seems odd before the Stewart's Issue, Councilman Marino would always come on the air with us, now it's been not as easy.


- Are the President's supporters starting to grow slimmer and slimmer? Even in their worst moments, they still have supporters.

- Bill plays an audio montage of people in Chicago from Obama's neighborhood and the opinions were shocking.

- In Utica there was a march against violence and gun violence.

- A former Labor Staffer, Hilda Selice, she called someone to participate and contribute in an Obama campaign fund-raiser.

- Obama likes to detach himself from any incident or occurrence that is negative.

Tonya Powers - FOX News

- After people pass away, what happens to their Facebook, Email, etc.?

- Yesterday a bill was proposed that the digital accounts of a deceased loved one could be inherited by their loved ones.

- Tonya says if this bill passes it would trump internet companies regulations.

- It opens up the door for privacy issues with the sender of emails.

John Naegele - McCraith Beverage

- Before we get to Naegele, we ask the question of the day. It is: Should your social media live on after you die.

- Also we talk about the young athlete from CNS who won an ESPY.

- Now to Naegele: Naegele brought in a beer from Ithaca Brewing Company, "Cruiser."

- This beer almost has a sour taste or tartness to it and it's their Summer Seasonal.

- We discuss some of the different breweries around the state.

- Naegele discusses how the aging process works and how some beers last longer than others.


- Bill can't keep his appliances alive. Everything from a wine chiller to Keurig coffee makers, they all break.

- We readdress the story of the New Jersey TV reporter who was suspended and has since quit for his commentary on a newscast. He's not a commentator, he is a news REPORTER. He over-stepped his bounds.

- There is a difference between having an expert to give the opinion than giving it himself.

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