Thursday, July 24th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- America's Got Talent was on last night and Robert Channing was not. Robert did not make it through to the AGT finals despite his continued appearances in promos. A Baldwinsville girl, Julia Goodwin, and one other Syracuse native has made it through.

- Construction permits will begin for SUNY Nano as the Army Corp of Engineers as approved the Wetlands Permit for SUNY Nano. Congressman Richard Hanna will be on later to discuss this big step.


- The Corrisante family will be stepping down as the leaders of ConMed. This is most likely a result of a letter from the board.

- The word is a big hotel company has cut a deal to buy Hotel Utica. The mayor was on with us about 3 weeks ago to talk about it and now a National Hotel may be coming to Downtown Utica.

- An Indiana woman took the phrase "Jesus Take The Wheel" a little too seriously. She ran over a motorcyclist and damaged others.


- This weekend is Hall of Fame Inductee weekend in Cooperstown, and the players and managers being inducted this weekend will draw huge crowds.

- Utica Club drafts are out of stock for two weeks because they have run out. This is due to high demand. Utica Club has been a staple at F.x. Matt Brewing since it began.

- A man dug a 12 foot hole and was inside of it when it collapsed on top of him. Over 40 people were trying their best to dig the man out, but just couldn't.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray rescues us from our making fun of the man who dug his own grave. He gives us his daily weather forecast. The weekend won't be as good as the past few weekends we've had, but Friday is looking good.


- The actor who plays Cameron on the show Modern Family was asked by Rick Santorum to take his photo, but he said no. Cameron is gay on the show, but the actor is not.

- A 4-year-old boy was banned from a donut shop for asking a customer was pregnant. The customer thought it was fine, but the owner of the place said he's not allowed in here.

- Andrew tells a story about how he was basically thrown out of a store in Old Forge for breaking a giant lollipop.

- Matthew Sherman who is the voice of Thomas the Tank Engine has quit because he feels he has not been paid enough.

Brad Horn - National Baseball Hall of Fame

- Brad is the Vice President of Communications and Education at the National Baseball Hall of Fame. He is on today to discuss the Hall of Fame Induction Weekend.

- This is the 75th year of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and it will be an exciting weekend.

- There are 3 living players being inducted and 3 living former managers. Fans come to Cooperstown and you will walk down Main Street and see celebrities and Hall of Famers.

- The TODAY Show is there right now LIVE and are celebrating not just the Hall, but all Cooperstown has to offer.

- This would be a great weekend to go to the Museum and celebrate with other baseball fans and enjoy the festivities.


- There is a shortage of Utica Club in the area right now, but it seems only the draft UC.

- Retro cans and marketing the Retro cans increase the popularity of these beer.

- We talk about pets and stolen dogs.

- A story out of Michigan tells how a woman who has dementia tied her dog up and it was barking. The cops shoot the dog 15 times. There is audio of the cops figuring out what to do with the dog. All of a sudden the cop shoots and kills the dog.

Congressman Richard Hanna

- Before we get to Hanna, Tom calls in to talk about Peels beer which had a chug-a-mug.

- Big news yesterday came when the Army Corp of Engineers has finally approved the Wetlands Permit at Nano Utica.

- Congressman Hanna has been working on this for a long time and it's an opportunity for great jobs, world class jobs.

- Congressman Hanna thanks all those involved including Griffo, Brindisi, and Picente.

- Hanna talks about the process of working with the Army Corp of Engineers and the state politicians have all been on the same page with this situation.

- Hanna also addresses other issues that he continues to work on including the Drones research.

Fred Matt - F.X. Matt Brewing Company

- Fred admits they screwed up on Utica Club draft production. They saw the trends and just screwed up and should have done another brew.

- The bottle and can supply of Utica Club is still good, but it will be about two weeks before we get the drafts turned back on.

- Fred also gives us an update on their sales and how the brewery is doing. Saranac is great and Utica Club is obviously doing great as well.

- People are wanting the old brands and the nostalgic flavors.

- The brewery is also hiring and they have about 6 jobs open with benefits and pay.

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi

- Mr. Brindisi sends his thanks to all those involved in this decision coming to fruition.

- We ask him what's next? People don't realize there are two different projects going on. He explains those two and because of this Wetlands permit approval, they can begin site work on that spot.

- This permit approval is a big step!


- Before talking with Karen, we talk about the weather and how far along Summer feels.

- We readdress two crazy stories that we will talk about later on.

-Now to Karen Noble from The Red Cross:The American Red Cross is having an urgent need for blood and they are trying to avoid an emergent situation. For information on local drives call 1-800-RED CROSS.

- A 25-year-old woman let "Jesus Take The Wheel" and the woman hit a motorcyclist, who luckily lived, and when police questioned her, she said Jesus told her she would drive. She was on the vicatin.

- A man in California was on a beach and he dug a big hole and the walls caved in on top of him and about 40 people tried to save him, digging on their hands and knees, but it was too late. A witness says he must have been under the sand for 10-15 minutes.

John Naegele - McCraith Beverage

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM
Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- It's time for the Craft Beer of the Week!!!

- We discuss the Utica Club shortage with Naegele and how it's going to be a rough week for him.

- A good alternative is the Wild Hop Pils which is a Gold Medal winner!

- This weekend is the Great American Irish Fest! In honor of that, Naegele brings in Magner's Irish Cider. It is very similar to Champagne.

- John talks about the difference from this cider to others.

- There will be no Utica Club at the Irish Fest, and Naegele will be there giving samples in his kilt.


- Andrew had a rough day yesterday when he woke up late and hit a friend's car.

- Bill put his old washer on the curb and it could be worth money.

- Kristine used a big word today that impressed Jeff.

- A crazy lawsuit has been filed when a robber got beat up and the man who is filing the lawsuit is in jail for the crime.

- A customer caught a shop lifter on tape and it led to his arrest.

Mark Caswell Jr. - Utica Comets

- Defazio and Archibald have been signed by the Canucks and they will be playing at the AUD again this year.

- Head Coach Travis Green was flirting with the idea of going to Pittsburgh as an Assistant Coach and he turned it down to stay in Utica to build his career.

- The season is around the corner and season tickets are on sale.


- Kristine gives us a story out of Gainesville, Florida. A man was drinking and driving and hit a car stopped at a red light. He got out and started screaming at the woman and when she drove off, his car was not in park so it rolled forward and ran him over.

- There is another story of a somewhat botched lethal injection. The drug took two hours to kill him. The death penalty discussion begins.

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