Thursday, September 24th, 2015

6 AM Hour

Turns out, Andrew was right. Yogi was in Utica. Plus, the Pope's visit and Donald Trump is mad at Fox News.

Monaski thinks he's being spammed by the Mets. And, Wayne asks for an explanation what a magic number is in baseball.
Keeler saves a baby rabbit from drowning in his pool.

Viral video of a little girl who tells her divorced parents that it's time for them to settle their differences and be friends. Plus, Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby, checks in.

7 AM Hour

Keeler not only saved a baby rabbit yesterday, he also did something really nice for his wife. And, Brandon Lang checks in with his football picks for this week.

Republican candidate for Utica Common Council, Michael Galime in studio

Contest: Who said it? Was it Yogi or Casey?

Andrew is upset that he was cut off and responds with his favorite Yogi Berra quotes. And, Donald Trump won't go on Fox News anymore?

8 AM Hour

Todd Davis is the CEO of Drive Alert. He says his app will stop teens from texting and driving.

Craft Beer of the Week - Naegele brings us some Founder's Porter!

Utica Breaking News: Is the big Utica Club sign over the brewery going to be re-lit?

Jake DiBari from the City of Rome on the upcoming Locktoberfest 2015 at Bellamy Harbor Park on October 3.

Adorable girl just wants her divorced parents to be friends