Tuesday, April 19th, 2016


6 AM Hour

Today is Primary Day.

Doris Roberts has passed.

Netflix has become a broadcasting powerhouse.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had to record a YouTube video for Australia after they admitted to bringing their dogs into the country without observing proper protocol.  Keeler says that the video did not seem to be sincere.  Take a look at the video posted by the Australian  and you decide:

Some people are calling in debating the time that the polling places are opening this morning.

Keeler is complaining about the rabbits "assaulting" our property.  He is going to build a fence and make the neighbors pay for it.  He introduces a new segment called, "The Sounds of the Outside."

WABC13 Reporter Steve Campion rescued a driver in Houston, Texas.  It was one of the most incredible liveshots ever.

Yesterday was the Boston Marathon.  Dozens of survivors of the 2013 bombing ran the race.


7 AM Hour

We speak with John Zogby of Zogby Analytics about today's primaries.  Keeler talks about the preponderance of misinformation in the world today.

Keeler is mesmerized by the new Dyson Airblade.  He says, however, that it leads to a blowing of the germs.

Dr. Meghan Hollis is on to talk about lead in water throughout the country.  The Flint lead contamination crisis is not limited, it appears, to Flint, Michigan.

Happy birthday to:

  • Mary Angelini from New Hartford
  • Marilyn Walchusky from New York Mills
  • Sarah Wood from Ilion

Gift certificates for a birthday cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop in Utica goes to Marilyn Walchusky and Sarah Wood.


Joe from Frankfort tries to answer today's Free Money Question of the Day.  He also comments on "The Sounds of the Outside."  He gets a gift certificate from Carmela's Cafe in New Hartford.

Ryan Quinn is in to talk about life after NBC's "The Voice."  He says that the experience was a positive one and is level-headed about what the future may hold.

8 AM Hour

Bill from New Hartford tries to answer a Free Money Question of the Day.

We talk with Hollyfwood film mogul Harvey Weinstein about his support of Hilalry Clinton.

Media mogul Harvey Weinstein weighs in to talk about his support of Hillary Clinton.  Even his one daughter who was a Bernie Sanders supporter, he says, is now a Hillary convert.  Keeler asks her about the demonizing of Clinton that has been done.  Weinstein says, "I hope after the campaign I hope that (illary and Bernie) both stop spendng money..."  He says that all of this money being spent could be used to help so many people.


Jordan Goodman joins us to talk gas prices.  He says that OPEC is in shambles, and that it is basically every country for itself.

Local Trump supporter James Zecca talks about his recent experiences stumping for Trump.  Things have gotten a little out of control of late.

Rush Limaugh's brother, David Limbaugh, joins us to talk about his support for Ted Cruz whom, he says, "will attack the entitlement state."  He is passionate about his support of Cruz and his disdain for what he says trump is doing to the country.  "If you want to complain about the rules go there three years in advance (and change them)."  Of New York he says, "It's a little liberal for me."

Enjoy your day!


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