Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

6 AM Hour

Donald Trump wants an apology but Megyn Kelly isn't budging.

Saranac is discontinuing production of it's Black Forrest beer. Why?

An old friend reaches out to Keeler asking for money. Is this one of those account hack scams, or is the request really coming from the person Bill knows.

Keeler digs in. Looks the request is coming from the person he knows, but you won't believe what we found!

7 AM Hour

Someone terrorized moviegoers recently, bringing a leaf blower into a theater pretending it's a chainsaw. Plus, Keeler doesn't think our answer on breast cancer is interesting. Plus, Hillary talks about her invite to Trump's wedding.

Gas prices going down. John Pollock tells us why and how long it will last for?

Little House star running for office. And, Rhonda Rousey wants to fight Floyd Mayweather. Monaski thinks she'd win.

Utica Mayoral candidate Ernie Sanita. He's upset about city financing, property sales vs. tax sales. And, how much more is in his war chest. His answer may surprise you.

8 AM Hour

Paul Buckley and Sam Patton. More movies and a reality show will be shot in the Utica area.

TV anchor sick of discussing the Kardashians. We discuss Megyn Kelly's statement about Donald Trump following their debate dust up. Plus, they're growing food in space? Eben Brown has details.

Trump was on Fox and Friends this morning. What did he say? Plus the Music Game with your chance to win tickets to the Woodsmen's Field Days.

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