Tuesday, March 29th, 2016


6 AM Hour

There are continuing developments with this morning's breaking news about the plane in Egypt that was hijacked.

How will the paperless prescription bill affect New Yorkers?  The law is in effect now.

We have video results from Keeler's sleep study.

Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney, if she runs for the 101st District seat, now faces a possible Democratic opponent in the race for her seat.  We will speak with local attorney Arlene Feldmeier.


Local talent Ryan Quinn was knocked out on NBC's The Voice but...he was saved by Christina Aguilera.  Andrew says dramatically, "It's in America's hands now."

Listener JoJo says that Ryan Quinn's opponent  knocked it out of the park.  As a self-professed "Billy Joel purist," Andrew disagrees and says that Ryan Quinn should have won the round.

Utica Common Councilman Edward Bucciero joins us to talk about the dismissal of four members of the Harbor Point Board in Utica.  Bucciero says that he was sent a letter with no prior notice.  He says that he is still a supporter of the project.  He says that he wanted to create more accessibility downtown and he believes that the City's focus may be slightly different.  When addressing the environmental and toxicity concerns regarding the land at Harbor Point, Bucciero says that he believes that those are being addressed.

Utica City School District School Board President and Claims Solutions' Christopher Salatino, also removed from the Harbor Point Project Board, joins us as well.  Salatino says that those removed were the founding members of the board.  He says that he was not surprised by their removal from the board.  He says that the four founding members were appointed by the previous mayor, and says that he was actually surprised that current Mayor Robert Palmieri took so long to remove them.  Both Salatino and Bucciero say they still want the project to succeed and move forward.

7 AM Hour

We talk with Dr. Steven Levine from the Sleep Center at the Mohawk Valley Health System.  He says that Keeler has "significant" sleep apnea.  During Keeler's study he did exhibit some parasomnia, whereby he sat up in the middle of the night.

Happy birthday to:

  • John Dibona from Utica
  • Kathy Schemke from Schuyler

A gift certificate for the birthday cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop in Utica goes to John Dibona.


We discuss transgener laws in North Carolina and Georgia. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is banning all state travel to North Carolina to protest the enactment of a new law the bans transgender individuals from using the restrooms of their choice.

Fox News' Tonya J. Powers joins us to discuss the Religious Liberty or the "Anti-Gay" bill, called different things depending on where you are getting your news.

Pharmacist Bob Black of Randall's Pharmacy is on to talk about "e-scripts," after a law took effect this past weekend that requires doctors to write electronic prescriptions instead of written ones.

We have not mentioned the name "Donald Trump...." until now.


8 AM Hour

A Fulton nurse has surrendered her license after being convicted of taking a photo of an unconscious patient's private parts at Upstate University Medical Center.

Allison from Oriskany competes in our Free Money Question of the Day.  She wins $100!

We speak with Karen Finney, a senior communications advisor and senior political strategist for the Hillary Clinton campaign.  Keeler asks Finney about the effects of Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail.  Kristine asks how the campaign will change if it is Clinton versus Trump in Election 2016.

Listener Sue from Utica calls in to talk about millenials.  She is leaning toward Hillary Clinton, but says that her mind is not yet made up yet in this election.


Attorney and Democrat Arlene Feldmeier is in studio.  The Little Falls resident has  announced her candidacy for the 101st District Assembly seat currently held by Republican Claudia Tenney.


Keeler talks about a violent sex offender who who was killed, hit by a runaway trailer, as he was walking in the street while watching pornography on his cellular telephone.  Karma, Keeler says, will get you every time.

Enjoy your day!