Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Recapping last night's New Hampshire Primaries

Checking local gas prices. And, the worst contestant ever on The Family Feud

What's going on with the new vending machine? Are prices going way up? And, Pat Becher of the Mohawk Valley Water Authority on a recent audit that found a lot of water is being wasted

Peter Franklin has true tales from NYC, and his reaction to the NH Primaries

7 AM Hour

John Zogby weighs in on the New Hampshire Primaries. Where does Hillary go from here?

Melissa Camman brings us S'More Porter from Saranac. They're doing a special tasting on Saturday

Checking back in with Harmony Speciale. Will she be appointed to fill her own vacancy? It's not looking like that will happen and the now-former legislator thinks her own party let her fall.

8 AM Hour

Interested in calling games? Sal Barbero has details, and stories, on an upcoming baseball umpires certification class

UPD Lt. Steve Hauck will soon be retiring.

Win tickets to see Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles. Plus, we check in with Legal Lis Wiehl

Jim Zecca on Trump's win in New Hampshire

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