The calendar says it’s fall and if you have been outside since Thursday, then you know that it sure feels like it’s spooky season.

The temperatures went straight from summer to fall and it seems like this weather is here to stay, judging by the 10-day forecast in New York State.

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After a few days of mostly sunshine, however, there will be a few days that are downright lousy in New York and it starts on Sunday.

A front is pushing through into New York State, bringing thunderstorms (potentially heavy at times), but also will bring something we don’t see too often but can be long lasting when it happens.

According to the National Weather Service, significant lake effect rain will impact quite a few spots in New York State; mainly Western New York and regions off Lake Ontario.

The lake effect rain will last from Sunday afternoon through Tuesday, dumping up to 4 inches of rainfall in areas.

With that much rain in a short amount of time, flooding is expected in some spots. The closer the area is to the lake, the worse it will be.

This rain will stretch to Rochester and even near the Finger Lakes region.

Wednesday could bring more rain but Thursday and Friday look rain free and should be much better heading into next weekend. Until then, we have to get through these next three or four days of lake effect rain, which could cause localized flooding.

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