On the same day that asteroid DA14 is due to fly by the Earth a series of odd events strikes Russia's Ural Mountains including a meteor that struck ground and caused damage in some Russian cities.

Reported tonight by Clyde Lewis on Ground Zero, a large fireball streaks across the sky. Russia Times (RT) is covering the incident.

Previous to the fireball, an earthquake registering 6.6 on the Richter scale hit the region.

RT further reports that the meteor was shot down by Russian military.

Videos of the incident are being uploaded to YouTube and collected by the posters at GodlikeProductions.com.

Another video showing the streak across the sky has also been uploaded, however, embedding has been disabled - it's viewable here on YouTube.

While today's event doesn't appear nearly as powerful, when one hears about a large fireball in Russia, it's hard not to think about 1908's Tanguska Event that flattened hundreds of square miles of Siberian forest.